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Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji ()

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That moment when your father hides behind your boyfriend and your boyfriend hides behind you while watching a horror movie(^v^)

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R-really? …W-well yeah…

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GET TO KNOW ME // ANIME EDITION: [5] female characters

Ibara Mayaka (Hyouka)
Ao Haru Ride ep 9 - Yoshioka Futaba

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I’m starting to learn things about Kou. He hates celery. He likes cats. His teasing is only superficial. Deep down… he’s nice. He’s not the Kou from back then. His voice has changed. He’s taller. But the 16 year old Kou, I know him now. And what’s causing my heart to pound is… the 16 year old Kou.

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